Aero Whatsapp APK Download (official) Latest Version 2023

Aero WhatsApp APK is a well-known WhatsApp modification. It works as an alternative to GB WhatsApp and provides you access to some features that the original WhatsApp is missing. The user experience of WhatsApp Aero is not only modern and light, but it is also quite easy to use. You may alter it in a variety of ways using the customization choices it offers. The application also provides options for modifying colors, fonts, themes, and backgrounds

Currently, WhatsApp Messenger, often known as WhatsApp, is the finest communication tool for both personal and professional use. On the Play Store, it has been downloaded by more than five billion people. In order to safeguard our discussions, it offers end-to-end encryption for calls and messages. Anyone may utilize it and communicate with their family and friends no matter how far away they are thanks to its user-friendly UI.


aero whatsapp APK

What makes so many users search for Aero Whatsapp APK rather than using it directly? It does, however, miss certain really useful features, such as the opportunity to download the state of a conversation, the ability to auto-reply, the ability to schedule messages, and the password for chats. You may get the latest versions of the top WhatsApp Versions, like FMWhatsApp APK, GBWhatsApp APK, WhatsApp Plus APK, YoWhatsApp APK, and WhatsApp Aero APK, from our page. These modified versions include tons of fantastic features, including all the ones stated above.

What is the Aero Whatsapp APK?

Aero Whatsapp APK is a modified version of the primary WhatsApp program. This edition is the result of the efforts of fans who wanted to go beyond the limitations of the app’s core features. This special variation offers a plethora of enticing features that go above and beyond what the original edition can provide. For anyone looking for more control over their texting experience, it is an attractive choice.


File name Aero WhatsApp APK
Version V9.74
SizeĀ  82 MB
Last updated 7 Hours ago
Require Android 5.1 or above
Software Category APP
Total Downloads 1 Million+
Rating 2.2 (2355 ratings)

Downloading the Aero WhatsApp APK

To download any APK, including Aero WhatsApp, you must first enable “Unknown Sources” in your device’s settings. You now have the opportunity to download apps from sources outside the official app store thanks to this activity. But caution is suggested. Choosing only reputable sources will help you avoid potential security flaws.



How To Install Aero Whatsapp APK: A Step-by-Step Guide

Firstly, Search for the Aero WhatsApp apk file in the file manager on your device. When you click the file, a pop-up window will ask you to install it; simply click the install button and wait. The installation procedure will take a little while, and then you may launch the WhatsApp Aero application.

Click on the Button to start Installation

Secondly, Open the Aero WhatsApp app at this point, choose Agree & Continue, type in your cell number, and choose Next. Fill in the verification code that will display to confirm the phone number.

Click on the Agree & Continue

Thirdly, Include your contact information in the app when the verification procedure is finished. On your Android phone, you may now access and benefit from all of Aero WhatsApp’s features.

Features of Aero Whatsapp APK

1.Improved Privacy Settings
In our modern digital environment, privacy has crucial importance. This necessity is internalised by Aero Whatsapp APK. Advanced privacy settings let users control who may see their online status, profile pictures, and even the scary blue ticks that indicate how many messages have been viewed. A game-changer for people who value their online privacy is this remarkable feature.

2.Customization and personalization
With Aero Whatsapp APK, a world of customization possibilities opens up. This version goes deeper rather than just providing a brief look. The worlds of themes, typefaces, and private chat backgrounds are just a few of the customising options that this edition introduces. What happened? Your messaging app starts to represent your personality and interests.

This WhatsApp APK offers you more protection. This implies that your device will be safe and secure even if someone attempts to damage your data by delivering a virus, since our friends occasionally play practical jokes on us by sending viruses. Because of Aero WhatsApp, you will be safeguarded in this circumstance.

4.Download Status
Our pals frequently post astounding status updates. We also want to download their statuses each time. However, we are unable to do so since the downloading option is not available. When we ask some of the friends who are friendly, they will share the original media file with us. Some of them, though, will refute it. No issue. The WhatsApp Aero app has a download feature. The download button is located in the status' bottom right corner. The status will quickly download if you tap it.

5.Voice Modifier
Are you voice-recording bashful and hesitant to deliver messages? Or do you wish to transmit amusing recordings to have fun? It is voice-changeable. Robot, infant, teenager, deep, underwater, quick, slow motion, reverse, humorous, and inebriated are among the preset options. Every time you record and send a message, WA Aero will automatically convert it to the chosen voice and transmit it.

6.Hide Chats Option
Password-protecting conversations is not always a smart idea, especially when dealing with parents. You must provide the password if they ask for it. This APK also has a solution. The talks are concealable. Not even in the contact list will hidden chats show up in the search results. Additionally, you have control over how hidden conversations' incoming messages are configured. You may control whether you wish to vibrate, get alerts, or shake the WhatsApp symbol when a message arrives in a chat.

7.Auto Response
You can set auto-reply if you find yourself overloaded with work and don't have the time to respond or notify others. It will automatically reply to every message you receive using the text you have saved in the auto-reply area. You may configure an auto-reply to respond to contacts, groups, or both, at a particular time, to specific contacts & groups, or not to specific contacts, among other things.

8.Over 3500 Aero Themes
The 3500+ themes in Whatsapp Aero's library are all unique. It has every imaginable topic. Numerous more themes include the Luffy - One Piece theme, the Assassin Creed theme, the Ferrari theme, the Overwatch theme, the Gradient theme, the Neon theme, the Mountain theme, the Animal theme, the Kawaii Kitten theme, and the Dark Wolf theme. There are themes ranging from gradient hues to fantasy and the paranormal. You will adore the Aero themes' user interface, colour schemes, font styles, and every other aspect of them.

9.Different Emojis 
There are six emoji variations in it: System Emoji, One, Facebook, Android, and Old WhatsApp (iOS). Any of these emoji variations can be used. You don't have to use WhatsApp's standard emoticons.

10.Against View-Once
Images and videos on WhatsApp include the "view once" functionality. You can only view a view-once written picture after it is sent to you. After that, Whatsapp will automatically remove it from the conversations. With this version, you may turn it off and view the photographs as often as you like. It won't be taken out of the discussion.

11.Sending message to any number without adding 
You must have someone's contact information saved in your official WA contact book in order to initiate a chat with them. Unsaved contacts cannot receive messages from you directly. However, you can accomplish that in Aero. Select "Message a Number" by tapping the three dots in the top right corner of the screen. One will see a pop-up window appear. After entering the number, click "open chat." You then begin a conversation without keeping the phone number.

12. DND Mode
Do not Disturb mode has uses other than just keeping your cell phone quiet during meetings. Use it wisely to maintain focus on important tasks, such as work, school, or treasured times with your loved ones. To reduce interruptions and make the most of your most productive times, turn on DND mode.

13. Flight Mode
If you don't want to be disturbed when playing games or watching movies by Whatsapp messages and calls, aeroplane mode is the ideal option. When this feature is turned on, neither you nor your communications will be sent or received. It will be just as if you were not online.
Aero Whatsapp

Comparison Table for Whatsapp (Official) and Aero Whatsapp APK?

Feature Official WhatsApp Aero WhatsApp APK
End-to-End Encryption Yes Yes
Video and Voice Calls Yes Yes
Group Chats Yes Yes
Status Updates Yes Yes
Media Sharing Photos, Videos, Documents, etc. Enhanced media sharing options
Customization Limited (Themes, Wallpaper, etc.) Extensive customization (Themes, UI)
Privacy Options Basic (Last Seen, Profile Picture, Status) Enhanced privacy settings
Anti-Ban Measures NO Yes
Message Scheduler No Yes
Forwarding Restrictions Yes (Limit on message forwards) Customizable forwarding limits
App Lock Fingerprint/Passcode lock Advanced app lock options
Message Recall Yes Custom recall settings
Emojis and Stickers Official Emojis and Stickers Additional emojis and stickers
File Sharing Limited by official sharing options Expanded file-sharing capabilities

Is WhatsApp Aero secure?

Is Aero WhatsApp safe and secure? This is a question that pops up occasionally in everyone’s head. Let us now notify you, for your kind knowledge, that app developers always work with their users’ security in mind. They do not want their consumers to ever encounter any difficulties.

A third-party messaging program called WhatsApp Aero is not offered in the Google Play or Apple App Stores. Play Store does not permit this software to utilize its platform because it breaches the terms and regulations of both the Play Store and the software Store.

Given that this program is distributed over a number of websites run by third parties, any app developer might alter it and insert malicious code. Therefore, be well-informed about that website before installing Aero WhatsApp.

We advise you to only download it from trusted websites. Download the most recent version of Aero WhatsApp without worrying about viruses from our website. We test the software to determine whether it is operating well and if there are any issues before offering it to you.

FAQs For Aero Whatsapp APK

There are a number of frequently asked questions that Aero Whatsapp users ask frequently. I am going to discuss a few of them.

Can my conversations be locked?

Yes, Your conversations can be locked and hidden. Additionally, each conversation can have a distinct password. To access the settings menu, hit the three dots in the upper right corner of the conversation after entering the one you wish to lock. The “Lock Conversation” option is located there. Enter the password after tapping it. Done.

Is the WhatsApp Aero status available for download?

Yes, Aero Whatsapp APK supports it. Look at the status. The download button is located at the bottom right corner. To download the status, tap it.

Do Fouad APKs Produce Aero for WhatsApp?

The creator of WhatsApp Aero and a few other modifications was Bozkurt Hazarr. With the aid of Fouad APPKs, he developed WhatsApp Aero to provide users all the capabilities they want in a chat program.

The best way to update WhatsApp Aero?

For improved app performance, make sure you are running the most recent version of this APK by regularly checking GBAPPZ.NET

Whatsapp Aero 2023: Is it secure?

It is absolutely safe to install the APK, to answer your question. It doesn’t include any malware, and installing it doesn’t require root access. Regarding the account, there is a potential that it may be banned for making use of certain of its capabilities.

Final Verdict

The most customized version of the original App, Aero WhatsApp lets you personalize practically everything. You are allowed to keep the delivery status and media gallery more private. The Turkish developer has made an outstanding effort to give users of this App a pleasant experience. You must use this App at your own risk since, in contrast to the original GB WhatsApp’s policy, the developer can access your data from its server.

In this article, we’ve given you good information. You must choose what is best for your mobile.

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