Latest AGWhatsapp APK Download For Android

The AGWhatsApp APK program is among the most well-known and practical customized WhatsApp programs. It has a ton of brand-new features that the first one did not have. People, therefore, choose it for its modern features, such as personalized themes, wallpapers, and immediate reaction components. Additionally, It is a messenger created to facilitate connections and communication on a global scale.

AGWhatsapp APK

To meet, there is no actual travel necessary. With the most recent version of WhatsApp APK, you can send text messages to chat, make audio and video calls, form groups and ask others to join them, allowing you to make group calls and hang out with friends online.

What is AGWhatsapp APK?

A variation of WhatsApp called AGWhatsApp is comparable to GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus. The app provides a number of privacy settings, including the ability to enable just certain contacts to make WhatsApp calls, hide Blue ticks and second ticks, and see status. It has a ton of customization features that enable users to completely personalize their WhatsApp experience.

Different variations of this modified WhatsApp are available, including AG (Blue), AG2 (Pink), and AG3 WhatsApp (Green). Stay away from confusion! They are all identical. For a better experience, download any variation and make use of all its features. This WhatsApp variation used to have various faults, but a recent update got rid of them all and addressed a lot of problems with the App.

AGWhatsApp APK File Details

File name AGWhatsApp APK
Version V9.74
Size 72 MB
Last updated 6 hours ago
Require Android 5.1 or above
Software Category APP
Total Downloads 1.5 Million+
Rating 3.2 (3257 ratings)

Download AGWhatsapp APK Here:

You must first activate “Unknown Sources” in your device’s settings in order to download any APK, including AG WhatsApp. Thanks to this activity, you may now download programs from places other than the official app store. But you should proceed cautiously. Moreover, You may prevent potential security issues by selecting only trustworthy sources.

Different Versions of AGWhatsapp APK

There are Four different versions of AGWhatsapp which have their own distinct features and customization settings. You don’t need to be concerned; the Same Company builds all these versions and share the same traits, despite having slightly different appearances and personalities.

Install AGWhatsapp APK: A Step-by-Step Guide

First, look for the AGWhatsApp APK file in your device’s file management. When you click it, a window will appear asking you to install the file; just click it and wait. After a brief wait, the installation process is complete, and you may start the WhatsApp AG program.


At this moment, open the AGWhatsApp app, choose Agree & Continue, enter your mobile number, and then select Next. To validate the phone number, you must enter the verification code that appears.


Thirdly, When the process of verification is complete, add your contact information to the app. Finally, On your Android phone, you may now access and benefit from all of AGWhatsApp’s features.

GB WhatsApp APK is one of the most featured versions of WhatsApp in this category.

Difference between AGWhatsapp and (official) Whatsapp

Feature WhatsApp (Original) AGWhatsApp APK
Messaging Text, images, videos, documents Same as the original WhatsApp
End-to-End Encryption Yes Yes
Voice and Video Calls Yes Yes
Status Updates Yes Yes
Group Chats Yes Yes
Web/Desktop Version Yes Yes
Location Sharing Yes Yes
Document Sharing Yes Yes
Media Sharing Photos, Videos, Audio Enhanced media sharing
Emojis and Stickers Yes Enhanced collection
Privacy Settings Available Enhanced options
Customization Limited Extensive customization
Themes Basic Customizable themes
Anti-Delete Messages No Ability to view deleted messages
Auto Reply No Available
Dual WhatsApp No (on the same device) Can run alongside original
Status Character Limit 139 characters Extended limit
App Lock Yes Additional security options


How Do I Change The AGWhatsApp’s Language?

  • Visit the interface for AGWhatsApp APK.
  • Next, You choose the three dots by clicking in the upper right corner.
  • Select Settings by tapping it.
  • Click on App Language and drag it down.
  • Now choose one language from a list. Moreover, The languages of apps change automatically.

Features of AGWhatsapp APK

Following are the few features and customization settings which make AGWhatsapp distinct from the Whatsapp(official)

Unrestricted media sharing
AGWhatsapp takes away any obstacles to your media sharing. Now that you may adjust your picture quality by setting your image resolution up to 3MBs. You can also upload a video file up to the new, higher maximum of 700 MB. Finally, you may post a status that lasts up to five minutes. However, you should be aware that only AGWhatsapp users can see your 5-minute status.

Scheduler for Messages
Most of the time, you want to take a break from your work but not at the expense of connecting with your audience. Thus, AGWhatsapp will support you. With the help of this function, you can easily schedule messages to send on occasion to your prospects.

AGWhatsApp Backup
You may utilize the AGWhatsApp Backup tool to restore any lost data on WhatsApp. Of course, there are various WhatsApp versions available that do not offer the backup option. But to begin the process in this case, simply navigate to settings and look for the backup option.

AGWhatsapp is now Multilingual
In its most recent iteration, AG has included 64 of the most popular languages on its desk. As a result, it has a larger global impact. Surprisingly, it makes the translation tool available for the majority of the world's languages. So with AG, you are familiar with all languages.

Lock Chats
Chats can be archived and hidden in WhatsApp by default. However, you may archive the chats in the AGWhatsApp app as well as lock and conceal them so that no one can access them. You may view it anonymously, and until you visit the anonymous area, WhatsApp won't alert you to any new messages.

Disable the forward tag
Since the most recent WhatsApp upgrade, a tag now shows anytime we forward a message. However, you may now simply remove the forward flag from a message you forward using this app, and the forward flag will no longer be visible in the message.

Just One Tick
You may also play a single tick using this app's option. This indicates that the message will always display the same sign on the opposite side as the sender if it is delivered to you and you read it.

Cover up Blue Ticks
A single grey mark in the new version of chat suggests the receiver is not online, while two grey ticks signify they are online but haven't seen the message. Blue ticks show when the message has been read. Blue ticks may be hidden with the function, creating the appearance that you are offline when reading messages.

Privacy Status
Anyone's status can be viewed without their knowledge. Additionally, even if someone deletes their status, only you will be able to view it.

Change the Bar Colours
The app provides you greater control over the app and lets you customize the color of the chat, status area, header, and navigation bar to your preferences.

Managing Groups
There is a fantastic function that allows you to delete any message in a group that upsets you or other group members if you are the group administrator. This option reinforces your control over the group. Not only that, but you can also view the prior members of a group, including who left and when.

Button for Navigation
The most recent and straightforward method of switching between chats. With this feature, the contact's name will appear under a tab for chats at the top of the screen. To access the chat, simply click on the indicated tab.

AGWhatsapp APK Themes
You may access a plethora of themes after downloading AG themes, turning your WhatsApp into Disneyland. Additionaly, You may download a built-in plugin from AGWHatsapp that provides you access to more than 100 imaginative themes.

To make the program unbannable, the developer employed a lawful code. You may use the app without being concerned about getting banned from the official app.

To prevent misunderstandings with your contacts, go through all of their previously deleted messages. Finally, You may see your friends' deleted texts as well.

FAQS For AGWhatsapp APK

The top queries about AGWhatsapp on the internet are listed below:

Why is AGWhatsApp used?

Global virtual communication is a possible application. Currently, it is quite challenging to actually meet people. This is a result of how busy everyone is. Therefore, You may thus rely on customized versions of communication chat programs like AGWhatsApp.

Can I use it with the official WhatsApp and other comparable apps?

You can use it without any problems, yes. You may use both official and AGWhatsapp APK at the same time. Consequently, employing several applications allows you to accomplish a variety of goals.

What variations exist for AG WhatsApp?

There are several sub-variants of this WhatsApp variant like AGWhatsApp Blue, AG2WhatsApp (Pink), and AG3WhatsApp (Green).

What distinguishes AGWhatsApp from AG2WhatsApp?

Any variation of this WhatsApp Version is identical to the others. Next, logos are the only thing that differs. The features and functionality of each variation are the same.

Can I simultaneously utilize two WhatsApp accounts?

You may use any version, including AG (Blue), AG2 (Pink), and AG3 (Green), in addition to the official WhatsApp. Alternatively, you may download every version and utilize several WhatsApp accounts on the same phone.

The information above regarding AG WhatsApp includes everything that is crucial in our opinion. Furthermore, You may review the application’s functionality, security measures, and other aspects. Users also have the option to update to the most recent version without losing any data. Finally, use the downloading and installation process described above.

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