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WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world, with over 5 billion users. Most people who are using the original WhatsApp are not satisfied with its limited features. Therefore, most of the developers have created the best WhatsApp APKs that provide various features, customization, and personality. Before installing any WhatsApp modifications, you might be aware of the security risks involved.

What are WhatsApp APKs? 

WhatsApp APKs are modified versions of WhatsApp Official. These WhatsApp modifications provide a lot of features that most people need. These Best WhatsApp APKs offer many advantages over the official version of WhatsApp, enhancing the wide range of users. However, these modifications don’t have the same level of security and privacy as the original WhatsApp. These Apps are made available by the developer to everyone so that anyone can enjoy their features. 

Top 5 Best WhatsApp Modifications in 2023

Following are the top 5 WhatsApp modifications for 2023:

GB WhatsApp APK

GB WhatsApp is one of the oldest and most popular and Best WhatsApp APKs used by most people, with millions of users around the world. It has a lot of features that make it a popular WhatsApp APK. Some of its features are as follows: 

  • GB WhatsApp allows to use of two WhatsApp accounts on the same device with different numbers.
  • With its exciting features, you can hide your last seen, typing, status seen, blue ticks, second tick, and freeze last seen.
  • It allows you to lock your WhatsApp with a password
  • Moreover, it offers customized themes, font colors, and styles
  • It allows you to send 90 images at a time and videos upto 50MB
  • You can also increase the length of your status from 30 seconds to 7 minutes
  • It also allows to restore your media files, chats, and backups without using google drive

WhatsApp Plus APK

WhatsApp Plus is another popular and modified version of WhatsApp that is based on GB WhatsApp. This WhatsApp mod adds a lot of exciting features, including the anti-ban feature. It provides the same features as GB WhatsApp but with some additional ones that are: 

  • It allows you to send high-quality images without compressing their size
  • It allows to use of stickers and emojis from other apps like Instagram and Facebook
  • You can hide your status view while viewing their status
  • Increases the group limit on conversation upto 256 people
  • It allows you to enable or disable voice and video calls

FM WhatsApp APK

It is another mod of WhatsApp and is also based on GB WhatsApp. Its unique feature allows you to use multiple accounts through the same app. This mod provides a lot of exciting features that make it unique and different from other WhatsApp modifications. Some of the main features are: 

  • It allows you to use different themes for each chat
  • You can pin up to 100 chats on the home screen
  • You can see deleted messages and statuses from others
  • Moreover, you can also enable features like freeze last seen, disable forward message tag, anti-delete messages, etc.
  • It allows you to send files and documents up to a file size of 1 GB.
  • Furthermore, it allows you to send the video on status for up to 5 minutes

Yo WhatsApp APK

Yo Whatsapp is another mod of WhatsApp based on GB Whatsapp. It is one of the most pleasing modifications for WhatsApp and is mainly designed for people who want to enhance their chat styles and themes. It was developed by Yousef-Al-Basha and is named as YO WhatsApp. Its exciting features are as follows: 

  • Allows you to use two accounts on the same WhatsApp.
  • Customize the style and design of WhatsApp’s UI
  • It supports over 100 languages
  • You can change the interface of WhatsApp to look like instagram, facebook or telegram
  • You can also send upto 100 images and video size of up to 700 mb
  • It contains large number of emojis to use
  • You can also use a message translator to translate messages into your preferred language


Fouad WhatsApp APK

Fouad WhatsApp is another mod of WhatsApp based on Yo WhatsApp. It is designed especially to increase the app’s functionality by adding a lot of exciting features. Some of its main features are as follows:

  • Increases the speed of your device while using WhatsApp.
  • You can use multiple languages around the world
  • You can also lock your WhatsApp or chats
  • In addition, you can use many stickers, emojis, and GIFs.
  • Moreover, you can use two different accounts on the same device
  • It has a lot of exciting themes and font styles

AG WhatsApp APK

AG WhatsApp is the modified version of WhatsApp. It is developed by Assem. AG WhatsApp APK based on GB WhatsApp. It uses some tricks to bypass the need for online connectivity. Some of its main features are as follows: 

  • It allows you to use two different accounts on the same device
  • You can lock and hide your chats with a password or fingerprint
  • You can also filter your messages by keywords and contacts
  • It allows you to use DND mode to disable internet access for the app when not in use

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