FM WhatsApp APK: Download (Official) Latest Version September 2023

In today’s environment, communication is vital to everyday life. In general, a lot of messaging applications entered the market with the introduction of smartphones. There are many other apps that people use, but WhatsApp is the king of messaging. Every sort of communication is possible while maintaining the highest level of privacy. Yet human nature compels us to seek more. Because of this, developers are producing WhatsApp-like apps. Here I am discussing the best messaging app named FM WhatsApp APK. You can download it and enjoy customized features.

What is the basic purpose of FM WhatsApp APK?

The original WhatsApp has been updated, As you are already aware, FM Whatsapp is the modified version of the original WhatsApp. Why, therefore, should you apply it? Adding exciting features and a richer visual experience that aren’t available in the original App is a straightforward response to this topic. The range of customization offered by this app enables you to tailor it to your preferences.

This modified version’s sole objective is to offer more features, a user-friendly interface, and desired additions.

The FM WhatsApp APK comes with a variety of extra features, including custom privacy settings for contacts, groups, and broadcasts, hiding the online status, freezing the last seen, preventing the message-seen status, message timetable, downloading statuses, 4500+ themes, a fully personal interface, and many more. Alternatively, you might install both of them and utilize both of them at the same time. You can use two accounts simultaneously on the same device.


File name FM WhatsApp APK
Version V9.74
Size 62 MB
Last updated 1 day ago
Require Android 4.1 or above
Software Category APP
Total Downloads 3 Million+
Rating 2.35 ( 4425 ratings )



Features and Enhancements

1. Custom Themes and Styles

By utilizing unique themes and styles, users of FM WhatsApp may entirely alter the app’s appearance and feel, in contrast to the normal version of WhatsApp. This offers a distinctive and individualized experience.

2. Improved Privacy Settings

FM With WhatsApp, you may hide your online status, double ticks, and blue ticks, among other sophisticated privacy features. Additionally, users can use fingerprints or passwords to secure their discussions.

3. Recall of Messages

Ever send a message that you immediately regretted? Even after the receiver has read a message, FM WhatsApp enables message recall.

4. Increased File Sharing

With FM WhatsApp, users can transfer bigger files than they do with standard WhatsApp, making it simple to share high-resolution images and movies.

5. In-App Lock

Your messages and media are protected by an additional degree of protection thanks to FM WhatsApp’s built-in app lock function.

6. Delete-Resistant Messages

If you don’t want people to be able to erase their conversations with you, try FM WhatsApp. Inside each chat, it offers an anti-delete feature alone. That individual won’t be able to remove sent communications with you when you enable that option. You will still see it by your side even if they can “Delete for Everyone.” To test it out, use the FM Whatsapp Anti-Delete Message function.

7. Icons for the app launcher and notifications

Here is another nice function if you’re tired of the standard WhatsApp launcher icon. FMWhatsApp has several App Launcher icons with various colored and designed icons. The same is true for notification icons. To instantly modify the appearance, choose any of the stunning notification icons that are available.

8. Colours and personalization

People mostly utilize numerous WhatsApp modifications for their color and customization options. FMWhatsApp modifications take the lead in this area with their extensive color customization options for the WhatsApp background, Status bar, Navigation bar, and more. further adjustments, including chat screen layouts, backdrop colors, line breaks, and more.

9. Sharing High-Resolution Images

The quality of pictures degrades after transmission, which is one of the main complaints from WhatsApp users. Yes, it is accurate. It is compressed by WhatsApp to protect our info. However, having to deal with it might be difficult at times.

Since “Full Resolution Image Sharing” may be enabled in its settings, FM WhatsApp includes a feature for it. Additionally, the APK Settings allow you to modify the image quality percentage (up to 100%). Then, all of your photos will be emailed to you in the exact quality you requested.

10. Fonts and other modifications

The coolest modification that everyone attempts is changing the typefaces. When I first started using Themes on my Nokia mobile phone, I tried changing the font every day. Likewise with WhatsApp. If you’re tired of the standard WhatsApp font, check out FM Whatsapp by Fouad Whatsapp APK, which offers a wide variety of trendy fonts. You can quickly and simply change fonts as many times as you’d like.

Additionally, this FM WhatsApp APK has built-in features for locking, pinning chats, and hiding media from the gallery.

11. Call Blocker/Filter

A function named Call Blocker (Filter) is included with FM WhatsApp. It aids in preventing obnoxious calls from unidentified numbers. You may have observed that we occasionally receive calls on WhatsApp from ominous numbers. Another possibility is receiving an unnecessary call while working. Therefore, you may limit who can call you on WhatsApp using FM WhatsApp. Another well-known WhatsApp APK, Gbwhatsapp, also has this feature. You may choose which contacts you want to be able to call you using this function, or you can choose to enable just stored contacts to do so.

12. Halt your last seen

The majority of individuals are always concerned about being last seen, and sometimes you just don’t want anyone to find out. Although you may ostensibly disable your last seen on WhatsApp in the original version, your contacts will still be able to view it whenever you go online and you won’t be able to see the last seen of other users.

You might be wondering now what makes FM Whatsapp so special. You may freeze your last seen on FM Whatsapp, and your contacts won’t even notice that you’re online.

13. After A Response, Display Blue Ticks

This feature could be just as crucial as the previous two, in your opinion. By reading their messages and responding as soon as you can, this one enables you to remain entirely anonymous without letting your buddy know that you are online. Most individuals see their messages when they receive them but, for whatever reason, are unable to respond.

The sender will only see blue ticks when you reply to them, not just when they see the message, thanks to this function, which will assist you in that. For individuals who are usually busy and would like to react later, this tool works nicely.

14. Hide action text when typing and recording.

One function that might prevent you from having a ghostly account is the ability to type and record action text. However, all of that may be hidden using FM WhatsApp. If you disable this function, it won’t be visible to the person you’re speaking with that you’re typing or making a voice note.

With these privacy features, you are assured complete privacy on WhatsApp, which is the finest type of privacy.

15. Keep delivered and blue ticks hidden.

The sender won’t be able to tell if you got any communication, as the name implies when you get it. Even if you would have viewed their messages, there will only be one tick shown on the sender’s WhatsApp platform.

16. Phone Toast

You want to get notified anytime your special someone logs onto WhatsApp, therefore you’ve decided to do that. Hmm. In such case, from their profile page in FM WhatsApp APK, you can activate the contact toast option. When someone on WhatsApp logs in, a floating message stating “X is online” will appear. Additionally, sound notifications can be enabled. You don’t have to stay on WhatsApp to receive the notice, though. This functionality is not affected by using other apps.

17. Voice Modifier

One amazing FM WhatsApp feature to enjoy with your pals is the Voice Changer. Robotic, young, inebriated, deep, underwater, fast, slow, and reverse voices are all included. An audio message will be transformed into the chosen voice before being recorded and sent.

Download the latest FM WhatsApp APK version From Direct Link

It would be a comfortable experience for you to get the FM WhatsApp from us. However, FM WhatsApp has a direct download link that we have shared. On your phone, you may download it with a single click. Additionally, we often monitor for FMWhatsApp upgrades and instantly update links whenever a new version is released. As a result, this site will always provide the most recent version.

There is another app named GBWhatsApp APK is popular nowadays for its exciting features. Go and check it.

How to Download: A Simple Guide

Simply follow the instructions below to discover how to download FMWhatsApp to your Android device.

  1. First of all, click on the download link given above.
  2. To get the download request on your browser, tap the Download button.



3. Await the successful download of the FMWhatsApp file into your phone.

4. That’s it.

In this manner, FM WhatsApp may be downloaded to any Android device. You may download it by carefully following the procedures listed above. I’ll walk you through installing the file now that you have it

How To Install: A Simple Guide

Step 1:

First, make sure Google Play Protect is turned off because it can prevent the installation of FM WhatsApp.

Step 2:

Turn on Unknown sources by going to Android Settings > Security. You will be able to manually install any program on your phone after doing that.

Step 3:

Open the browser now, then navigate to the downloads page. To launch the installer, tap the FMWhatsApp APK that has been downloaded.

Step 4:

To begin installing FMWhatsApp on your Android phone, tap the Install button.

Step 5:

Once it has finished installing, click the Done option to close the installation. Don’t open the installer by pressing the open button.

You may install FMWhatsApp on your phone according to the aforementioned installation instructions. Due to changes made to the app, Play Protect blocks the installation, which is an issue with the process.

Initially, you must disable FMWhatsApp on your phone before using it. Now that you have FMWhatsApp on your phone, I’ll show you how to use it.

Compared to the default WhatsApp

Even if FM WhatsApp has several cool features, it’s vital to note how it differs from the original WhatsApp:

  • FM WhatsApp APK is a modified version created by other parties, whereas WhatsApp is created by Facebook, WhatsApp’s parent business.
  • FM WhatsApp APK offers more customization and privacy options than the official app.
  • While FM WhatsApp might require users to download an APK from a third-party website, Standard WhatsApp is accessible for download on authorized app stores.

FM Whatsapp APK: Is it Legal?

The chatting and other features of WhatsApp Messenger are replicated by FM WhatsApp using the WhatsApp API. In recent times, WhatsApp has begun to restrict users who use the service through its API while using a customized version like FMWhatsApp. As a consequence, all FM WhatsApp subscribers had their accounts banned.

Users who experienced Bans noticed a momentary lock screen on their personalized WhatsApp as well as a warning to remove the altered version and switch back to stock WhatsApp. The users who acted upon the warning are now secure, while those who disregarded the warning have now been permanently barred from using WhatsApp.

It appeared to be the end of FM WhatsApp once it became a significant problem, but it wasn’t. The FM WhatsApp developer released the Anti-Ban version last month, ending the ban. Users continued to be banned at first since it wasn’t flawless. After that, the FM WhatsApp developer issued a new anti-ban version that effectively shielded all APK WhatsApp users from the ban.

There is now no ban problem, thus everyone can use FMWhatsApp without worry. Currently, FM WhatsApp features anti-ban security, which essentially guards against bans.

FAQs for the FM WhatsApp APK

1. How does FM WhatsApp APK function?

You may interact with your friends and family via phone calls, messages, and video calls with FMWhatsApp, which shares features with WhatsApp. Another response is that FM WhatsApp functions similarly to every other app. To make its features and functions easier for people to utilize, it also makes use of Firebase and other tools.

 2. How safe is FM WhatsApp APK?

The easiest approach to determine if FMWhatsApp is secure or not is to review its achievements. Since entering the market, FM WhatsApp has only gotten positive feedback from users. As of right now, there hasn’t been any hate speech or negative news posted online. I thus believe FMWhatsApp to be secure based on the evidence and research.

However, as you are probably aware, things change more quickly these days, especially online. FM WhatsApp may eventually turn harmful, in the meantime. Due to the way that technology is advancing, you will most likely see news reports or news reports when it does happen. Right now, using it is completely safe.

3. What must I do if I experience problems with FM WhatsApp APK?

FM WhatsApp should be uninstalled, the cache should be cleared, and then it should be reinstalled if you experience issues. Reputable online forums or groups may be able to assist you if the problem continues.

As a result of its extensive customization features and improved privacy settings, FM WhatsApp provides a distinctive messaging experience. However, users should be prudent and make educated choices when using the software. Users may take full use of FM WhatsApp’s features while maintaining their online security by following the installation instructions and being aware of potential hazards.

4. What is the distinction between FM WhatsApp and WhatsApp APK?

While they both allow users to interact with friends and family more effectively through texts, voice calls, and video calls, WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp are rather similar to one another. Between these two messaging applications, the key distinction is that FM WhatsApp provides more functionality than WhatsApp. The WhatsApp messenger is a parent, and FMWhatsApp is a child, however, FMWhatsApp has been altered and loaded with a ton of helpful features that WhatsApp lacks.

5. What happens if we choose to utilize FM Whatsapp APK?

WhatsApp FM or GB You may customize the privacy settings in WhatsApp for specific contacts. For certain contacts, you may specify privacy settings such as “Hide blue ticks, Hide second tick, Hide blue microphone, Hide typing, Hide View status”, etc.

Final Verdict:

The FM WhatsApp APK for WhatsApp offers users several advantages in a variety of ways. Its superb privacy features are a major factor in why most people like it. Features include Hide Blue Tick, Hide Online Status, and similar ones. FMWhatsApp stands apart from all other WhatsApp APK versions because of its additional features. Its creators are putting a lot of effort into making it the greatest WhatsApp APK. Additionally, FM WhatsApp will get even more updates and new features in the coming months.

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