GBWhatsApp Pro APK Download For Android Latest Version 2023

The GBWhatsApp Pro APK gives users of the standard WhatsApp app a lot more freedom, power, and control over their accounts. They may have encountered this issue with their original software version, but this modification fixes everything.


These days, a lot of individuals use WhatsApp to exchange music, video, and other types of content. You may download and install GBWhatsApp PRO APK on your device to utilize WhatsApp with a few more features. Developers have added several new features to the official WhatsApp, including hiding double ticks, changing themes, setting the online status, using WhatsApp accounts, and many more. There is more privacy accessible in it, and using the software is free of charge.



What is GBWhatsapp Pro?

The GBWhatsApp Pro is an additional variant of GB WhatsApp APK that offers extra functionality to users of the original WhatsApp. While certain features of GB WhatsApp Pro are free, others are limited. Additionally, it creates the requirement for an hour for conversation.

The first version of WhatsApp that has consistently received updates up until this point is GBWhatsApp Pro. It’s yet another impressively modified WhatsApp version. Similar to OGWhatsApp, but with more enhanced features, is GBWhatsApp. If you wish to install the GBWhatsapp Pro APK, you do not need to remove WhatsApp beforehand. You may examine GBWhatsApp Pro’s fantastic features.

GBWhatsapp Pro APK File Details:

File name GBWhatsApp Pro APK
Version V17.52
Size   82 MB
Last updated 6 hours ago
Require Android    4.3 or above
Software Category  APP
Total Downloads 2.5 Million+
Rating  4.1 (4157 ratings)


Why GBWhatsApp Pro, you ask?

Many people across the world who want a more individualized and feature-rich chatting experience are turning to GB WhatsApp Pro, which has grown in popularity. GB WhatsApp Pro offers customers who want more control over their discussions with its sophisticated customization choices, improved privacy settings, and expanded media sharing possibilities. Features that cater to the demands of a broad user base, such as message scheduling, anti-delete messages, and multi-account support, increase the attractiveness of this upgraded version. Despite its widespread use, GB WhatsApp Pro comes with security concerns and the possibility of violating the official app terms of service. With its method of connection and communication, GB WhatsApp Pro has become a popular alternative to the normal WhatsApp version among users all around the world.

System Requirements

  • Android Version 4.0 or Later is Required
  • Both rooted and non-rooted Android devices may install it.
  • The “Unknown Sources” setting must be activated to install the app using an APK file.

Download GBWhatsapp Pro APK on Android:

GBWhatsapp Pro is getting loved by millions of individuals worldwide as a consequence of its attributes. Are you getting more and more curious about its features? Okay, no need to worry; I’ll detail every one of its qualities in the section below. It does, however, provide a variety of privacy options, including the ability to conceal messages that have been viewed with the blue, double, and last seen ticks if you simply want to know the gist. You may see any deleted messages from the recipient. Amazing? People are driven to download the GB WhatsApp Pro as a result. There are many various modifications available online, but GBWhatsapp Pro is the best in my view. The download link will be provided in the section below:



How To Install GBWhatsapp Pro: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1:

The first step is to use the download button we’ve provided to get the YoWhatsapp APK for Android.

Step 2:

 The downloaded APK file should be in your file manager’s downloads folder on your mobile device.

Step 3:

You can tap on the “Install” button after clicking the APK file.


Step 4:

The “Open” button will appear after a successful installation; just tap it.


Step 5:

It’s done! Here is the first sight of GBWhatsApp Pro (not exactly, but you’ve just begun moving in that direction). Enter your desired phone number to utilize your WhatsApp account right now.


What is the difference between GBWhatsapp Pro and (official)Whatsapp

Here are the key differences that make GBWhatsapp Pro distinct from (official) Whatsapp:

Key Features GB WhatsApp Pro Official WhatsApp
Customization Extensive Themes: Personalise with diverse themes, fonts, and colors. Limited theme options.
Privacy Control Advanced Settings: Hide status, control read receipts, and customize profile visibility. Basic privacy settings.
Media Sharing Enhanced Sharing: Share larger files, HD images, and extended video statuses. Media sharing has size limits.
Unique Features Rich Feature Set: Schedule messages, prevent deletions, multi-account support, and more. Offers standard features.
Status Download Status Saving: Download statuses discreetly for easy sharing. No direct status download option.
App Lock Integrated Lock: Protect chats with built-in app lock. Requires third-party apps for locking.
Updates Regular Enhancements: Frequent updates keep the app innovative. Updates are consistent, but innovation may vary.



Methods for Quickly Updating GBWhatsApp Pro

If I told you that installing GBWhatsApp Pro was even simpler than updating the official WhatsApp app, would you believe me? Yes, you heard it just right, and we’ll show you how by following the instructions below:

  • The most recent APK file for this program is available in the link above; download it.
  • Open the GBWhatsApp Pro app if you need to make adjustments to this app in the future.
  • To access GB Settings, tap the three dots located in the top-right corner.
  • Finally, the GB Settings menu would display an Update button. ASAP, tap it!
  • Click the Check for Updates button now. If there are any updates available above your installed version, this button will let you know otherwise it will simply say, “You have the most recent update!”
  • If this won’t work for you, you can return to our webpage GBAPPZ.NET anytime and download the latest version from the download page.


Main Features of GBWhatsapp Pro

The following are just a few of the customization options and features that set GBWhatsapp Pro apart from the Whatsapp (official) app:

The file-sharing functionality of WhatsApp is restricted in its free form, but it has been expanded in the pro edition. With other users, you may now quickly exchange files, related documents, photos, and videos.

Unlimited Themes
 In addition, the Whatsapp theme option is now available in the customization edition. Therefore, you may apply a variety of incredible themes and emojis on your phone depending on your mood.

Mode DND
This function of your soon-to-be favorite WhatsApp version, GBWhatsApp Pro, would be one that you would want to use. You can immediately turn off the internet for WhatsApp and stop receiving alerts for the needed time.

Send Maximum photos
Additionally, you may transmit more than 90 images at once in comparison to the official WhatsApp. Additionally, you may send your contact a 50 MB video clip and a 100 MB audio file.

GBWhatsapp Pro’s Logs
Because GBWhatsApp Pro's WhatsApp logs will provide you with comprehensive information, such as when one of your contacts with the last four numbers (XXXX) changes their username, image, or biography, you won't need to monitor or stalk any WhatsApp profiles anymore.

GBWhatsApp Pro is also keen on privacy, making sure users can delete their last viewed status, conceal their blue listen-to dot on recordings, stop others from seeing when they check their status, and remove the second (delivered) tick. But unlike the standard WhatsApp, you may still view these from other contacts.

Message Scheduler
Messages may be scheduled to transmit at a later time with this GB WhatsApp pro edition. It is possible to plan messages with the text, date, and time so that they will automatically be sent to the chosen contacts at that specific moment.

Writing Status: Hidden
While the writing status appears next to the contact name in the original version of WhatsApp, you may conceal that status from viewers in GBWhatsApp Pro APK with only a few clicks in the settings.

Hide Stories
Select a specific individual you believe can see these stories and keep your personal information hidden from the audience. Additionally, users have the option to view the ranks and statuses of individuals who are attempting to avoid them. The user cannot be made aware that you are viewing his narrative, which makes it unique.

Back-up capabilities
Sometimes, due to careless blunders, we lost our crucial conversations. Therefore, GBWhatsApp Pro gives you a way to recover all of your crucial data. Regardless of the amount of data included in the file you wish to backup. Additionally, you may use that capability to retrieve any missing photos and movies.

Dark Mode
The Dark Mode feature was described above as "Convenient" solely because GBWhatsApp Pro merely asks you to click an icon on the home screen to switch the app's UI from light to dark mode or vice versa.

Chat without Saving a number
You can't converse on WhatsApp in its original form without keeping a phone number. We thus have a lot of phone numbers that we don't wish to preserve. By using the identical procedures as for stored contacts, Gb Whatsapp Pro download allowed us to satisfy that criterion.

Link for Direct Contact
You may copy and transfer the contact API link from any contact page after arriving there to any other contact. Use this direct contact link just once to be amazed by GBWhatsApp Pro and stop creating elaborate processes for providing contact information.

In-Chat Translator
That is one of the special characteristics a WhatsApp modified version can offer. Any communication you get that is written in a language you don't understand can be translated into your native tongue by hovering over it and selecting the three-dot button.


FAQs For GBWhatsapp Pro

During the process of downloading this App, you could have a lot of queries. I’ll talk about a couple of them here:

How many WhatsApp altered versions can I use at once?

Currently, there are more than a hundred WhatsApp altered versions available online. Moreover, You can only authenticate two WhatsApp APKs if you have a dual-sim Android smartphone with just two total SIM cards. Simply said, you are only allowed to use one WhatsApp account per APK. Technically speaking, you can install as many copies of WhatsApp as you like on a single smartphone.

Is it possible to ban GBWhatsApp Pro?

GB WhatsApp Pro does, however, come with anti-ban scripts to protect your account from WhatsApp’s servers and prevent bans. However, you must continue to prioritize the security of your account because it is irresponsible to risk official WhatsApp account access for a few features. Additionally, you may use the modified version to attempt a fresh WhatsApp account.

Why is GBWhatsApp Pro not available on Google Play?

One of the well-known official software shops, Google Play Store has a ton of terms and conditions that apply to both consumers and developers. GB Because WhatsApp Pro gives us the officially impossible functionalities of WhatsApp, it breaks several Play Store rules and isn’t available there. The only explanation is that.

Can I use this app without having to root my phone?

Nope! There is no need to have a rooted phone for this Whatsapp version. Any unrooted device is also capable of downloading and installing GbWhatsapp Pro APK.

Do iOS, Windows, and Blackberry smartphones support the GBWhatsApp Pro App?

Unfortunately, as of right now, GBWhatsApp Pro can only be used with Android devices because only the APK package version has been developed. Additionally, you may use this version on your PC by following the instructions above.

Final Verdict

I’m hoping you’ll enjoy the official GBWhatsApp Pro APK. Additionally, GBWhatsapp Pro offers the same security and plans as the real Whatsapp. Install Whatsapp Plus APK on your smartphone right now if you want to get even more added features. I hope you will find this content enjoyable.

We would much appreciate it if you shared this fantastic GB WhatsApp APK with your friends. You’ll think it has the newest features and is one of the greatest applications. Because it has the same licensing as the original software, you won’t encounter any security-related problems.

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