How to Customize Aero WhatsApp APK Interface – Detailed Guide

Aero WhatsApp is another modified version of WhatsApp. It is popular for its themes, performance, and appearance on the user interface. The Aero WhatsApp APK interface is magnificent. This WhatsApp version includes some extra features that are not available in other modified versions. These features include interface, themes, privacy, and many more. This guide will explore how to customize the Aero WhatsApp APK interface.

What is Aero Whatsapp?

Aero WhatsApp is also a popular and modified version of WhatsApp. It provides multiple features that are not available in the official WhatsApp. The Aero WhatsApp APK interface is very pleasing and easy to use. It has many personalization options that you can personalize as per your wishes. Aero WhatsApp is perfect in terms of privacy, themes, customization, and security. It provides very high performance and better security than any other modified version of WhatsApp.

Features of Aero WhatsApp

TAero WhatsApp has hundreds of features in it. Here are a few features of Aero WhatsApp.

Aero Whatsapp themes

The Aero WhatsApp interface requires you to choose different themes There are thousands of themes available in the Aero WhatsApp APK.  Therefore, you can personalize your WhatsApp very easily. To use these themes you must Download Aero WhatsApp APK latest version.

Anti-Ban Feature

Those of you who have experienced a WhatsApp account ban can try using this WhatsApp Aero APK. Because this app has an anti-ban feature, it is unlikely that your account will be banned again. This is because the developer has stated that this application will always follow the latest updates from the official WhatsApp application, including the privacy policy.

Privacy Settings

Aero WhatsApp also provides privacy features like copying messages, hiding double ticks and a blue tick, hiding online status, removing date and time when copying messages, hiding viewing of others’ status, removing notifications, and removing the label forward when messages are forwarded.

Enable Always Online Feature

By enabling the always online feature, you are always online, whether you are offline or not. This is an amazing feature of Aero WhatsApp that every user enjoys so much.

Aero WhatsApp Themes and Stickers

Aero WhatsApp has an attractive look, but this app also includes a variety of cool and funny sticker options. So you can make your chat more exciting.

Send Large Files

Most people like to use WhatsApp for work, which requires sharing large files. This cannot be done on the official WhatsApp. But WhatsApp Aero provides this feature, so you can easily send large files, media, and pictures. You can send large files up to 1 GB in a single delivery.

Auto Reply

The auto feature is the most amazing feature of Aero WhatsApp. This feature allows you to reply automatically with preset messages. Using this feature, you can easily and quickly reply to multiple messages without typing manually.

How to Customize Aero WhatsApp APK Interface

The Aero WhatsApp APK interface is very awesome. The WhatsApp Aero interface is at the top of the list in all WhatsApp versions. It has a very interesting user interface, which helps us enjoy all the features of WhatsApp. WhatsApp Aero enables home screen customization, which means you can customize your home screen icons anytime you want. These are the attractive features of WhatsApp Aero. 

It has an awesome customizable home screen that helps you customize your WhatsApp home the way you want to. Also, it has more than 14 home screen styles that personalize your WhatsApp. WhatsApp Aero also has other customization options, such as changing your font style, size, header color, etc.  Following are the different styles available for the home screen:

  • Whatsapp Aero 
  • Cable
  • Presumably
  • Waka
  • WANH
  • NL modification
  • Inventory
  • Old wmod
  • Prime V1 to V6F

Aero WhatsApp APK is the best modified version of the original application, which allows you to customize almost everything. The main thing is that you can easily customize the interface of your home screen. It has more personalization features than any other modified version. You can customize your home screen icons in Aero WhatsApp.

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