How to Enhanced Privacy Settings in AG WhatsApp APK

AG WhatsApp is a customized version of official WhatsApp. AG WhatsApp offers a wide range of features and options that enhance your chatting experience, such as themes, fonts, text color, privacy, and security. This guide explores How to Enhanced Privacy Settings in AG WhatsApp APK.

How to Enhanced Privacy Settings in AG WhatsApp APK

Ensure The Privacy

The most significant feature of this programme AG Whatsapp is that it secures your personal information and maintains your privacy. This privacy feature protects your account and does not share your personal information on any platform. The AG WhatsApp APK provides a variety of privacy options to improve the chat experience.

Lock The Chat

This is a very interesting feature of this modification app Whatsapp download apk. You can lock an individual contact’s chat if you don’t want to see it. It means nobody will be able to open it. Only you can view and unlock the conversation.

Lock The App

This feature is very important for your privacy. You can now secure your app. You can save all of your data and media by locking the app. It gives you the option of locking your app with a fingerprint or a password.


The expanded privacy options in AG WhatsApp APK are a game changer. These features allow users to chat with confidence, knowing that their personal information is secure.  AG WhatsApp APK sets the basis for a future in which privacy is seen as a basic right rather than a luxury.

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