How to Hide and Unhide Chats in GB WhatsApp – A step by Step Guide

As WhatsApp is the most used social App nowadays. We can easily share texts, images, Videos, and files with others in seconds. GBWhatsApp is an updated version of WhatsApp developed by a group of passionate developers. GBWhatsApp is loaded with hundreds of features that segregate GBWhatsApp from other apps. Hiding chat is one of the core features of this App. Most people don’t know this. If you are one of them then I will guide you on How to Hide and Unhide Chats in GB WhatsApp APK. You just read the step-by-step guide to understand the method.

Why Need to Hide or Unhide Chats in GB WhatsApp?

Sometimes you are chatting in a group and send a wrong message by mistake or send your personal pictures or videos to someone mistakenly then you want to hide messages instantly. You do not have this option in WhatsApp Offical in GBWhatsApp. You can also Download GBWhtsApp APK. If you are not using this app currently.

How to Hide Chat in GBWhatsApp For Android?

It is not a big deal to hide or unhide Chat in GBWhatsApp. You just need to follow few basic steps to perform this action. Here are the step to do this:

  1. Open GBWhatsApp Chat and navigate to a specific chat that you want to hide.
  2. Click on the three dots on the upper right corner.
  3. Select the “Hide” option from the drop down list
How to Hide and Unhide Chats in GB WhatsApp

These are few basic steps that you can use to hide chat. I hope you understand well of using this option.

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