How to Send Stickers on AG WhatsApp APK

AG WhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp. Are you an AG WhatsApp APK user who wants to spice up your talks by sending stickers? Stickers play an important role in your chat to make your chat more emotional and attractive. How to Send Stickers on AG WhatsApp APK to make your chat entertaining and more engaging.

What are AG WhatsApp APK Stickers?

Stickers are graphics in digital format or images that are sent and received in chat. Stickers are more expressive and larger to the compare of emojis. Additionally, Stickers came in a different wide range of themes, from funny memes to cute animals. If you need to Download the Latest Version Of AG WhatsApp APK. Click here.

Accessing the Sticker Collection

  1. Open AG WhatsApp on your phone
  2. Go to chat
  3. Tap on the smiley icon on the keyboard
  4. From the bottom menu, choose the sticker icon

Sending stickers 

  1. Open a chat where you wish to send a sticker
  2. Click on the sticker option in the keyboard option
  3. Examine the available sticker packs
  4. Now select the sticker you wish to send

Add Stickers to Favorite

  1. Tap on the Sticker you like
  2. Click on the star icon to add in favorite
  3. By pressing the star icon in the sticker selection box, you may access your favorite stickers.

Creating Custom Sticker Packs

  1. From the app store to download third-party sticker maker app
  2. Create and design stickers using images 
  3. Export the stickers to AG WhatsApp 
  4. Enjoy your chat to send your own created stickers to your friends

As we know sending stickers to each other is a very common thing nowadays. Sending someone stickers is to express your feelings in a quick way. After reading this guide you will know the answer to How to Send Stickers on AG WhatsApp APK

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