Unlock Exclusive Features of GB WhatsApp APK

WhatsApp has become the most popular messaging app because everyone is using it. You can easily unlock exclusive features with the GB WhatsApp APK, as GB WhatsApp provides many extra features. One of the main features is that you can see the deleted messages that your friends send you. You can use dual accounts on GB WhatsApp. This article will explore unlocking exclusive features of the GB WhatsApp APK.

GB WhatsApp APK

GB WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp. Most people use GB WhatsApp because of its exciting and customizable features. GB WhatsApp allows you to customize it in terms of features and appearance. Many people download it to use multiple accounts and its features.  You can also add themes and change fonts in GB WhatsApp. Moreover, you can also add languages or change them. 

Features of GB WhatsApp APK

GB WhatsApp provides awesome features you will love to use. GB WhatsApp has a lot of features, like a backup feature, hiding your last seen, hiding double ticks, hiding writing status, and many more. The features of GB WhatsApp are as follows:

Security and Personal Data

  • Set your password
  • Backup and Restore
  • Freeze your last seen
  • New tick style
  • Hide your last seen
  • Send message schedules

Many people use GB WhatsApp for their business or to enjoy its features. GB WhatsApp is now safe for your security and data.  So, you can use GB WhatsApp without any hesitation and enjoy its exciting features. 

New emojis and icons

  • You can add new emojis
  • Also, add New launcher icons
  • Add stickers from the apps
  • Notification bar icon change

GB WhatsApp has a lot of exciting features, including new emoji icons, a notification bar, customization, and many more. If you want to enjoy these features, you should use WhatsApp.

Personalize Themes and Languages

  • You can add a lot of themes
  • Use two different accounts in the same app
  • Use different languages

You can use thousands of themes on GB WhatsApp. It provides various international languages. You can use any language on GB WhatsApp. 

Hide Features

  • You can hide double ticks
  • Hide Online status
  • Also, hide read message status
  • Moreover, hide the writing status

Media Sharing Feature

  • In GB WhatsApp, you can send files up to 50MB
  • Send audio files up to 100 MB
  • You can send media files in original quality
  • Easily send up to 30 photos at a time

Other Features of WhatsApp

  • Hide Last Seen: It is amazing feature in GB WhatsApp that you can hide your last seen or freeze it.
  • Hide second Tick: Using the GB WhatsApp, you can hide your second tick. The sender will not know whether the message is received by you or not. 
  • Status up to 255 characters: Sometimes, you have to write story of more than 139 characters, but original WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to write more. GB WhatsApp allows you to write story of 255 characters. 
  • Share Big Files: The original WhatsApp never allows you to send larger files. But WhatsApp allows you to send huge files easily.
  • Send Images at one time: This feature is very helpful when you have to send too many images at one time. The original WhatsApp allows only 10 images at a time. But GB WhatsApp allows you to send 90 images at a time.
  • Download Status: Original WhatsApp never allows you to save any status of your contact. But, GB WhatsApp allows you to download the status of any contact. 

GBWhatsApp APK is a popular messaging application for everyone for an amazing user experience. The popular features include various things such as multi-language support, theme customization, hiding last seen, editing functions, and increased privacy choices. Download GBWhatsApp APK and Unlock Exclusive Features of GB WhatsApp APK and start chatting with your friends and family.

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